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Picture of RemoteScan™


Scan from a Thin Client environment. (Terminal Services or Citrix)
Price: $179.00


Standard annual maintenance fees apply.

Upon purchase, a NextGen Healthcare representative will contact you to initiate services.

Third-party RemoteScan™ licenses are required to scan in thin-client environments. Each workstation that has a scanner attached to it and uses Citrix or Terminal services to connect to the main database will need a RemoteScan™ license loaded on it. RemoteScan™ licenses are transferable 1x/year with current maintenance.


  • A third-party utility that allows a scanner to work in a thin session (Terminal Services / Citrix)
  • Simplifies workstation management by leveraging thin client capabilities
  • For remote offices where thin services are being delivered
  • Use at front desk locations for support of Business card Scanners
  • Use at front desk locations for support of regular scanners where an EOB or referral might need to be scanned
  • RemoteScan™ licensing allows one PC to manage more than one scanner. For example, if you have a PC at your check-in desk with a Business Card Scanner and a regular scanner, only one license is required.