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Picture of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Training by MIST

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Training by MIST

Help ensure a successful long term deployment of Dragon with exceptional training provided by MIST.
Price: $900.00


By using Dragon Medical Practice Edition, clinicians are able to utilize speech recognition to augment the NextGen® KBM templates and vocally navigate NextGen® Ambulatory EHR in order to streamline repetitive workflows. The outcome results in the ability to report from NextGen Ambulatory EHR via discreet data fields, while generating clinical documentation that is structured, yet paints a complete picture of the patient encounter for future reference. This has significant positive impact on provider adoption and satisfaction of NextGen Ambulatory EHR.

Most groups (large or small) require some level of implementation and training service to ensure a successful long term deployment that maximizes the benefits of the software for all users. Simple speech recognition via Dragon Medical can be very easy to deploy, however a successful implementation does require specific installation instructions, profile customizations, administrator instruction and provider training to ensure best practices. Groups wanting to utilize the software on multiple workstations within the network are in need of administrator training to ensure proper implementation, network security rights and training regarding administrative tools, including Acoustic & Language Model Optimizer Scheduler and Data Distribution tools.

Practices within the 1-24 physician size, typically have internal resources that are tasked and/or rely on outsourced technical resources to support the IT infrastructure. It is critical that these resources create a solid foundation during the install process for success of Dragon in NextGen Ambulatory EHR. The method of which you deploy any EHR (thick client, remote-desktop, windows terminal services, Citrix®, etc.) and other applications, will affect how Dragon responds and may require various workflow modifications to ensure that success. 


Offered as Remote training services or Onsite services. (Travel expenses for onsite services are the responsibility of the client.)

Provider Training (4 Hours allocated per provider).

  • Session I (two hours allocated)
    • Initial profile build - including vocabulary & accent selection Source type setup & acoustic quality check
    • Best Practices & Acoustic Training
    • Dictation & Formatting Best Practices
    • Dictation Box (if applicable)
    • Correction Tools
    • Adding words to the vocabulary
    • Custom Commands (text & graphics)
    • Dictating within NextGen Ambulatory EHR
  • Session II (one hour allocated)
    • Review/overcome any existing obstacles/questions
    • VocabularyCustomization
      • Written Form / Spoken Form
    • Custom Commands
      • How to Manage
      • Using Variables
      • Dictating within NextGen Ambulatory EHR
      • Navigation Basics
  • Profile Optimization (1 hour allocated)(Any remaining time is utilized specific to provider need and skill-set)
    • Additional training/troubleshooting, p.r.n.
    • Advanced vocabulary customization, per provider request.
    • Advanced Text & Graphics Command customization, per provider request.

NOTE:  If you choose onsite, you will be responsible for the travel expenses at M.I.S.T.'s current rates.