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Picture of NextPen® Form Customization

NextPen® Form Customization

NextPen Technical Consulting | Form Customization
Price: $450.00


Form customization service is provided by NextGen Technical Consulting at $225/hour, with a two-hour initial minimum. You can use this initial two hours for simple customizations, such as putting your logo and practice name on the starter form and creating a consent or privacy notice form.

If you are deploying NextPen as part of a new NextGen® Ambulatory EHR or Practice Management implementation, we recommend finalizing any template customization BEFORE defining your NextPen forms, as NextPen forms map to the KBM templates.

A Patient Intake starter form is available that covers patient history, but most people customize this form or create entirely new forms. The Starter Form is tested against KBM 7.9 and later, so if you have a pre-7.9 KBM or no KBM at all, the Starter Form may not work for you without modification. In this case you should plan for some form customization.

Instructions for engaging Technical Consulting will be provided when you receive your NextPen hardware.