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Start capturing data into your NextGen® Ambulatory EHR with the stroke of a pen!


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Start capturing data into your NextGen Ambulatory EHR with the stroke of a pen!

NextPen is a digital pen solution that has a tiny digital camera in the pen’s tip that interprets the pen’s position on the form. It captures everything the patient or provider writes or draws, and turns the information on the handwritten form into discrete data elements that become part of a patient’s electronic health record. By placing NextPen into its USB docking station, data is uploaded to where the information can be reviewed and approved. When approved, NextPen automatically fills the structured data fields in NextGen Ambulatory EHR and an image of the form is kept, making it ideal for storing signatures and drawings.

NextPen Highlights:

  • Capture structured EHR data directly from pen and paper without scanning or transcription
  • For Patients: Collect history, demographics, and signatures directly from the waiting room without interview, scanning, or transcription
  • For Providers: Capture HPI, PE, ROS, etc., as well as color drawings and signatures, with minimal learning curve
  • Automatically populates the appropriate NextGen Ambulatory EHR templates and fields
  • Requires no special printer or paper, and no per-page fees
  • Print on your own printer, using normal office paper
Please note: NextPen's Software Installation and Webinar Training shown below is required with your initial purchase of NextPen.
NextPen® Software & Hardware
Price: $1,385.00
NextPen® Software Installation & Webinar Training
Price: $600.00